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Merchandising Stands for Retailers

How to create more sales
with dedicated merchandising stands

Depending on your decor - Flavell can offer floor merchandising stands in either a wood or a wire finish. Flavell stationery products can look good on either type and sell particularly well when there are a number of similar products with different designs of our Scottish and Tartan Notebooks facing the customer.

Counter top Acrylic display stands are also very popular and help to display your products to best advantage - giving you better displays, faster moving products and of course - more sales

Bespoke Stationery point of sale displays

Ask Flavell how they can help with your point of sale display merchandising. All of our acrylic displays are designed and manufactured in our own factory

Acrylic Card Display Stand

Let us share the experience of sales from our existing customers and design the most profitable stand for your particular location.

Flavell display stand

Floor Stands


Table Top Stands


Wire Spinners


Acrylic Point of Sale Displays Acrylic Display Stand

Fixed Floor Multi Product stands

Our Multi - Product stands are always the best sellers. Flavell offer over 20 different products to place on your stand. Notebooks, cards, calendars. journals,paper, pads, bags, gift wrap, and tags are all available.

You can choose from our Clan and Tartan range or from our Local View range.

Most stands sit within the sales area and have gift wrap on one side and cards and notebooks on the other. However if you are short of space we have wall mounted and Piller mounted stands all of which can be made to measure your location.

We are looking forward to bringing you some exciting new merchandisers for 2007.


Multi Product



All Acrylic Stands are manufactured in our own factory in Scotland

Ask about your table top counter point of sale display stands


Spinners are ideal stands for our Clan and Theme ranges of Rare wee notebooks. There are 128 books per stand and between 4 or 5 of each book depending on ordering schedule.

The Spinners are easily moved and show our Clan and Tartan Notebooks to great advantage.

These are ideal in Clan shops and also in places that have a high tourist traffic.

Acrylic Multi Display Stand

Table top stands

These counter top displays are specially made for us locally and will hold up to 36 of our Pocket Scottish notebooks or 12 of our local view mini calendars. There is space on each hook to display up to 7 books or 15 calendars.

They are very solid, have three sides for display and spin on the base - especially good if placed near the till point.


can be supplied with eurohooks for your own displays or with your own design of header cards
- please ask

Bespoke wooden stands

We have the facility to arrange many different types of wooden stand to suit your own decor and situation.

Increase your sales from that small empty space - let us know what you would like and I am sure we can find a way to help

contact me at


  Display stand