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Promotional Custom printed Advertising Note Pads and Books


Promotional Rescue


Discover how a promotional pad costing pennies
will automatically have your customer call you

If your best customer wants to place an order right now
Can he find your phone number and email instantly

- or does he phone your competitor first

Discover how this well placed silent salesman works

without extra pay or sales commissions

Our padology expert reveals his
7 most effective tips to explode your inbound sales enquiries by up to 320%
- yes that’s right your customers will actually phone you for help

Benefit now from these tried and tested killer strategies to increase your enquiries – Your phone could be ringing within 10 days and your next sales figures could be your best ever.

You know the problem – you are so busy dealing with the crisis of the day that you do not have time to speak to your customers as often as you would like – not only that - your clients are dealing with their own dramas and have no time to chat until they urgently need your special product or service.

Imagine the scene – your customer has just realised that they desperately need a product or service which you can supply. They instantly turn to their trade directory and begin to jot down some phone numbers of your potential competitors until that is - they see on their notepad that you also supply that product. Yes that small perhaps seemingly insignificant hidden silent salesman is just waiting ready to be triggered and brought into action.

So - who will your customer turn to first? Someone they know and trust and deal with or someone completely unknown. You of course. Your customer now urgently wants your expert advice and is ready to place that all important order - NOW.

How often has a customer or client said – I didn’t realise that you did this as well.

No matter what type of clients you have or promotional pad you need, this will effect you – in fact this may even cause you grave concern as this little known human trait is truly shocking. Have you ever heard of the Ebbinghaus effect. – probably not, however Herman Ebbinghaus  published his  "Curve of Forgetting" scientifically showing that a given piece of information is completely forgotten by more than half its audience in just one hour. Two thirds have forgotten your message within 24 hours and only 20% of your customers will remember your message after a month. Now that is a scary thought – let me repeat that 80% of your clients will have forgotten what you have told them within a month.

So what can you do to help them remember you, your company and your range of products and services. More importantly how can you achieve this easily and at minimal cost and yet project the quality efficiency and professionalism of your organisation.

You are going to learn how to save time, get bonus points from your boss for reducing your promotional budget and best of all you will save all the hassle and aggravation of producing pragmatic, practical and real world ideas –wow! 

O.K. - So what do you need
to become padology experts

First of all a team of happy and dedicated professionals,
each with different disciplines using the best and newest technology combined with traditional specialist craft skills.
For over 30 years we have been supplying pads and notebooks
which have been doing an incredible job for our clients selling -
day in and day out – silently and without extra pay and commissions.

Dedicated Padology marketing scientists helping to make sure you correctly target your best clients with absolutely the most compelling message to snowball those sales enquiries

Erudite Padology wordsmiths and copywriters crafting those ideas into sales copy that will make your clients take immediate action when they need your services

Creative Padology graphic designers and photographers effortlessly populating your sales copy with stunning, professional photographs and graphics to enhance your corporate branding and give your client outstanding confidence in your company

Professional Padology paper specifiers who relentlessly source paper and board to bring you fantastic quality, environmentally produced materials at the very best possible price

Technical Padology print experts with at least 10 years experience in the production of promotional marketing material which sells and sells and sells

Conscientious Padology pad finishers who know exactly which type of binding will give you the best possible value for money for that unique promotional gift

So what do you get with pads from the Flavell the padology experts

Personalised unique custom note pads
at the cost of standard scrap pads
– look at all these extra benefits included free
with your own personalised custom pad

Absolutely Free advice on exciting, dynamic and professional copy detail
Insist that you get the most from our free marketing skills to target the right message for the right clients to propel your business forward.

Add your own Company logo free Make sure that you get your company branding at no cost into the mind of your customer.Save even more money with no extra design costs giving fantastic added value. What better way to reinforce your company image and create greater promotional visibility in your customers office – remember the Ebbinghaus effect!

Extra large space available for your telephone  number. and web url Can see your client see your contact details from a distance so it easy for your customer to phone you or check your web site. Remember that getting those important details just in front of your customer just when she needs them means more enquiries which means more sales which means more profit.

Feel that thicker quality 100gm paper – 25% more than a standard pad Pads that feel so smooth and really easy to write on with that quality luxury feel which is a real pleasure to use and to give. Pads that leave a great impression for your customer Paper that doesn’t have that annoying curl when you write on it and it doesn’t matter what your customers preference is - pens or pencils – it’s still easy to read and write on.

Thick 1500micron / 6o thou  backing card Feels clean and crisp and no danger of your customer marking his desk with his pen and the luxury smooth surface makes it so easy to write on – its just like the difference between walking on a concrete floor and walking on a luxury axminster carpet. Looks good and feels great  and so asy to tear off a single sheet for that vital message or telephone number – a really useful promotional gift

Go green and make sure you comply with your company’s environmental policy by using  environmentally friendly materials
Feel good knowing that you are helping conserve natural resources -
Be seen to be environmentally aware by using water based glues to reduce spirit based usage and paper from managed forests which is a renewable resource.Be seen to be really environmentally aware and use our 100% recycled options

Unleash your creativity with a choice of Spot colour or full colour printingMatch your company colours exactly which compliments your company stationery. Demand greater creativity with extra colours for the same price and make sure your notepad will stand out better on your customers desk. Use those new colour pictures to let your customer get a better idea of your service and products.

Create a totally unique pad
with our customised options

Getting those important details just in front of your customer when she needs them

Low cost extra marketing advice
We will make sure you have the right size of pad for the right occasion. Let’s target your clients with focused information and increase those leads. Together we’ll make sure that the specific messages matches the design for even better results. Getting you more leads for less advertising cost.

Low cost design chargesReally helpful advice on design and illustration making your pad look and feel more professional.Making sure you have the most appropriate font size, colour and style to reflect your company creating a pad which has a professional look and feel.

Choice of sizesGettng the right size of pad for the purpose and making sure there is enough space to get all your information across. Sizes from handy notepads to Corporate legal pads.

 Choice of  Thickness
Depending on whether you need minimal thickness for short conferences or mini pads for short stays at hotels. Standard pads for telephone and notes or monster order pads for busy offices.

Add diary dates
More value for little extra cost and it is shown that most people refer to dates more often.Daily weekly or monthly dates to suit your purpose

 Mouse pad size optionWhy not consider this fantastic idea of a dual use pad and mouse pad which can be kept by your client’s computer -and they will see it all the time. Combine this with a calendar for added use and visibility

Giant desk pad gummed at the front The pad that lasts longer for your clieny and saves your client being annoyed because the pad doesn't get dog-eared  - more thought  making it easier for your client  to keep in touchAdd giant size pad and weekly sheet for extra valuewhich stays on your client’s desk and they see it when they clear their desk. Remember to personalise your own note section for extra branding.

Add Photographs and IllustrationsKeeps your products in front of your clients and reminds your clients of your reps, office, factory etc - making it more personal makes it more memorable. The more your client remembers the more often she will contact you. Use pictures to illustrate your new products.

Choose calendar pad optionClient can use it as a diary and refer to it often which keeps your name in front of client every day. It is even possible to have different pages and show more photographs and  have  greater sales messages - really useful if  you have  a large catalogue.

Choose collated page option
Makes the pad more interesting by having a different message on each page. Clients see more of what you are offering. Combine a calendar with separate information for seasonal offers and remeber to add covers for corporate feel and extra branding.

Choose wireso-binding
Makes the pad into a notebook with a higher quality finish with extra covers -Book opens flat for easy note taking and of course keeps the pages all together.Add catalogue pages with more text to keep important info in front of client

Choose New Magnetic option Sticks to anything magnetic – filing cabinets to fridges. Doesn’t get lost – always to handand really easy to use. Unique design – unusual corporate gift

Making sure you get the right pads
working for you as your secret silent salesmen
Without any extra  sales commissions


Great promotional marketing idea
- great web marketing special prices

148 x 105mm or approx 6" x 4" Notepad

Each custom note pad is personalized with your name address and details
in standard text and font
Printed on good quality 90gsm white paper stock
Choose any 2 standard colours (Red, Green, Blue, Black,Yellow)
These notepads are glued at the top with a stiff 700gm board backing
Your custom notepads are delivered direct anywhere in the world - see shipping costs


400 personalized custom note pads
for only £279 - or about $489
that's less than 70p or $1.20 each


Personalize your pads even more

Supply us a logo suitable for printing and we'll add it in for only £15
Choose your own 2 pms colours - only £12 each colour
Create a background design - only £37
Add your own mono photograph - £29
Shipping - Mainland UK £29, Europe from £37, North America From £49, Asia from £78
We take all the usual credit cards and of course paypal

email Gordon now at