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Our Design and Photography Services

Ideas and Design

Let us help you with some ideas for the design and layout of your next project - print - display or web.

Marketing and Fulfillment

Ask how we can help with your marketing and how you can achieve the most cost effective use of your budget

Advertising Answers - Thousands of Photos - Business Branding

Flavell - Designers and Photographerss

Printed Plain Colour


Choose from one of many thousands of Photographs which we have taken over many years of the towns, countryside and of course the hills and lochs of Scotland. Flavell are also happy to photograph your own premises or products.

The Marketing Process

First of all, commercial clients usually contact us because they have an exhibition for which they need brochures or they have a new product or perhaps they have just moved premises or maybe just started a new business. Whatever the reason, I like to suggest that between us we appraise exactly what our clients would like to achieve from this potential piece of print. We have a very high level of repeat business and it is important to me that we do not embark on expensive adventures just for the sake of artistic indulgence. Every item you need has to justify its cost with increased sales or increased efficiency or increased image and PR.


Design and Layout

Once we have a rough visual we can work on those designs to produce a digital layout for your proof. We use industry standard graphic software such as adobe photoshop, illustrator, in-design and acrobat on an apple mac platform and can easily import text and graphics which you may already have in PC formats such as word, publisher, jpegs, etc. Don't worry if you are not computer orientated, we are happy making hi-resolution scans from your images and converting text from other word processing programmes.
I have been involved with computers since before Microsoft was born so I have seen all the hype and often see the advantage of an old fashioned pad and pencil


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Some recent examples of our winch covers and Wheel covers - why not have a co-ordinated new look for your yacht or powerboat.