Clan Crest &
Tartan Gifts

Scottish Tartans

Tartans are particularly associated with Scotland, the kilt being made from the tartan check patterned fabric. Nowadays there are a myriad of different tartans in a kaleidiscope of colours, representing different clans or families.

The most famous of the clans include the Campbells, the MacDonalds, the MacLeods and the Macleans.

Please call 013424 489900 or email regarding any of our clan gifts. Most gifts are made to order with your own clan or sept spelling

Clan Names

01.01 Anderson Clan
01.02 Armstrong Clan
02.01 Baird Clan
02.02 Blair Clan
02.03 Brown Clan
02.04 Bruce Clan
02.05 Buchanan Clan
02.06 Burnett Clan
03.01 Cameron Clan
03.02 Campbell (Argyll)
03.02 Campbell (Cawdor)
03.03 Chisholm Clan
03.04 Clark Clan
03.05 Cochrane Clan
03.06 Colquhoun Clan
03.07 Cooper Clan
03.08 Craig Clan
03.09 Crawford Clan
03.10 Cumming Clan
03.11 Cunningham Clan
04.01 Davidson Clan
04.02 Douglas Clan
04.03 Drummond Clan
04.04 Dunbar Clan
04.05 Duncan Clan
05.01 Eliot Clan
06.01 Farquharson Clan
06.02 Ferguson Clan
06.03 Forbes Clan
06.04 Fraser Clan
07.01 Gordon Clan
07.02 Graham Clan
07.03 Grant Clan
07.04 Gunn Clan
07.05 Guthrie Clan
08.01 Hamilton Clan
08.02 Hay Clan
08.03 Henderson Clan
09.01 Innes Clan
09.02 Irvine Clan
10.01 Johnstone Clan
11.01 Keith Clan
11.02 Kennedy Clan
11.03 Kerr Clan
12.01 Lamont Clan
12.02 Leslie Clan
12.03 Lindsay Clan
12.04 Livingstone Clan
13.01 Macalister Clan
13.02 Macaulay Clan
13.03 Maccallum Clan
13.04 Macdonald Clan
13.05 Macdonald Cl Ranald
13.06 Macdougall
13.07 Macduff Clan
13.08 Macewen Clan
13.09 Macfarlane Clan
13.10 Macgregor Clan
13.11 Macinnes Clan
13.12 Mackintosh Clan
13.13 Macintyre Clan
13.14 Mackay Clan
13.15 Mackenzie Clan
13.16 Mackinnon Clan
13.17 Maclachlan Clan
13.18 Maclaren Clan
13.19 Maclean Clan
13.20 Maclennan Clan
13.21 Macleod Clan
13.22 Macmillan Clan
13.23 Macnab Clan
13.24 Macneil Clan
13.25 Macpherson Clan
13.26 Macrae Clan
13.27 Malcolm Clan
13.28 Matheson
13.29 Maxwell
13.30 Menzies
13.31 Morrison
13.32 Muir
13.33 Munro
13.34 Murray
18.01 Ramsay
18.02 Rattray
18.03 Robertson
18.04 Rose
18.05 Ross
18.06 Russell
19.01 Scott
19.02 Shaw
19.03 Sinclair
19.04 Smith
19.05 Stewart
19.06 Strachan
19.07 Sutherland
20.01 Taylor
20.02 Thomson
20.03 Turnbull
23.01 Wallace
23.02 Wilson
25.01 Young

Hunting Stewart Tartan Notebook

Clan Crest Shopping Tote

Fits easily into a pocket, sporran or handbag

from the very popular Flavell Scottish Pocket and Bag Notebooks series.

Our tote shopping bags are so totally useful as a handy shopper or a totally unique gift - lightweight, foldable, reusable and biodegradable.

They are a handy size - 380 x 420mm with long handles and are made from 5oz Natural Cotton and printed with eco-friendly inks at our studios here in Scotland - saving the planet from plastic carrier bags

Ask about our design service for creating and printing your own tote



Clan Crest Polo Shirt

Embroidered Clan Crest Polo shirts and Rugby shirts in loys of sizes and colours for ladies, gents, kids and grandkids

We love our polo shirts because they make you look great. They are all beautifully embroidered here in Scotland.

Our High Quality premium weight poloshirt has a knitted collar with rod design and well padded, taped neckline for comfort.

Look at the Half moon yoke at neck for increased strength, cuffed sleeves with matching rod design and a self coloured placket, with matching pearlised buttons.

It is a hard wearing polycotton which is then triple stiched on all the main seams for ultimate strength

Ask about our other quality alternative clan crest polo shirts :-
-long sleeves
-100% cotton shirts
-oxford style shirts
-rugby shirts



Clan Crest A5 Journal

Your Gordon Flavell Royal Stewart Tartan Journal Notebook comes in a handy A5 size of 210x148mm - approx 8in x6in

- Keep it on your desk or take it with you in your bag or briefcase. They are wire-o-bound so that they can open flat and have quality 100gm white paper with plenty of space for all the important contact information

These notebooks are just what you need to keep those all important - notes lists travel information thoughts and memories shopping lists dates and times telephone numbers or your drawings or sketches Ideal for your family and friends as a gift or momento the ideal low-tech accessory

Ask about our design service for creating and printing your own journal phone 01324 489900 or email for details

Smarty Scottie Tote

Clan Crest
Pocket Notebook

Fits easily into a pocket, sporran or handbag

There are 100 Clans available in our Scottish Pocket and Bag Notebook Clan series.

These notebooks are just what you need to keep those all important notes, travel info, thoughts, memories, shopping lists, dates, times, telephone numbers, drinks orders and lots more

Ideal for your family and friends as a gift or a memento. They make great favours for weddings and corporate events.

Approx size of 70x120mm They are wire-o-bound so that they can open flat and have quality 100gm plain paper


Your own Tartan

If you are having an event

we can personalise any of our notebooks, gifts, clothing and bags for you.

We have hundreds of Tartans and Clan Crest Badges - all of which can be made into useful and quality products - created here in our factory in the heart of Scotland

costs vary depending on style and quantity

please call 01324 489900 or

email for details