Business, trade and commercial storage and fulfillment

Flavell Storage provides convenient and flexible solutions for storing your commercial stock and business records. Whether it be client files and business documents that are legally required to be kept for several years or excess and seasonal stock that you cannot fit in your own premises – especially if you work from home –

Flavell have a storage unit that's suitable for you and your needs - outside containers or iinside our warehouse. Ask us about receipt and delivery of your goods, as well as courier pick-ups direct from your storage unit - another benefit of having off-site storage that is both safe and secure and allows easy access for your delivery.

  1. Self storage in our new containers
  2. Inside storage in our warehouse
  3. Yard storagee
  4. Packing cases and pallet storage
  5. Business and Office facilities
  6. Order picking and fulfillment facilities

• Sales representatives samples
• Manufacturing machinery
• Engineers equipment
• Surplus furniture
• Promotional sundries
• Retail stock
• Professional file archives
• Display and exhibition material
• Trade materials
• Project items
• Temporary inventory
• Sesonal business items
• Disaster recovery items
• Trailers and equipment
• Small plant items
• Mailbox and drop off facilities
• and much much more