How do you make sure your presentation folders do the best job for you?


A well presented document can make all the difference between securing an order and being unsuccessful. Our most popular presentation folder cover is a 4 page A4 quality 375gsm card folder with internal upflap on the inside of page 3. We have a budget style with side flap and interlocking upflap which comes scored and flat packed for easy storage just ready to fold when you are ready to post them.

Alternatively we have executive style pre glued presentation folders with different shaped flaps and different sizes of gusset. If you are sending less than ten pages I favor not having a gusset. For a professional image and extra durability you probably would want a laminated finish - either gloss or matt depending on your preference.

You may also consider using a 6 page format with an upflap in the centre section. This is particularly useful if you have extra text or photographs which you want to include. You are then able to add your own pages either from your own computer printer or pre-printed. We can also offer you a range of printed single page report covers in one to six colours with a range of finishing options - embossing, foiling and die cut windows. Please ask for details