Flexible storage facilities



Find a complete solution
for your household or business overflow challenges
with Flavell container self storage and Flavell warehouse storage. –

Flavell have a unique range of facilities that will be suitable for you and your needs - we are only a phone call away 01324 489900
or email at studios@flavell.com.

  1. Self storage, yard or warehouse storage
  2. Containers for sale or rent
  3. Event and trade banners
  4. Packaging materials
  5. Printing and Office and facilities
  6. Delivery, uplift and fulfillment facilities

• Ask what we can do for you

Self storage steel containers from 20 to 40 foot located within our secure yard
Quick move - easy build demountable containers from 2 - 4 metres available for sale or hire
Containers with yard space, all of which can be fenced, shelved and fitted out to your needs
Standard removal packing cases 7 x 5 foot which can be delivered for you to fill at your own premises
Warehouse space for packing cases and pallets
Utilities -connect to Water and electricity on site., billed as used
Store for a minimum of a month for as long as you require.
Fulfillment and delivery services for stock, events,promotions and associations
Copying and office services with file conversion,photography and design
Event and promotional banner design and printing on pvc, flag material and solid board
Professional Printing and Design facilities
Deliveries accepted and stored on your behalf
Mailbox, parcel and redirection services
Box and Packaging materials available

• and much much more

A unique and professional service
from a long established company